The free mobile app revolutionizing how local retailers and customers connect in their communities.

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Unique and Personalized Mobile Shopping Experiences

Simply download the app and be connected to local retailers in your community within a matter of seconds. You can like products, follow retailers, live chat with stores, and purchase directly through the app for store pick-up. You can also share your Vëndr experiences on social media. Post items you like, products purchased, and your favorite retailers to Facebook and Twitter.

And the more you use the app, Vëndr begins to learn your mobile behavior and product preferences to provide product and retailer suggestions that match your tastes.


What's in it for Local Retailers?

Ease of Use

Don't be burden by the complexity and investment of ecommerce solutions. Simply download the app, use the camera on your device, and upload product images, descriptions, and prices.

Artificial Intelligence

The app then curates unique, mobile experiences for your customers and potential shoppers by recommending products and retailers based upon mobile behavior, location, and product preferences.

Safe & Secure

Purchasing is simple and secure with Braintree by Paypal. On top of that, Vëndr approves and monitors all local retailers and shoppers actively using the app to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all users.


Vëndr integrates with Facebook and Twitter, so you can post new items and specials to your store's social media pages for additional exposure. The app also integrates with Google Maps in order to drive traffic to your location.

Free market analytics provide local retailers a more holistic view into market and customer trends.

Vëndr provides free weekly market and customer analytics that can offer insight into product testing, inventory management, competitor activity, and product forecasting.